Mujin’s path of excellence: celebrating 21 Awards

Mujin has received a total of 21 awards, including prestigious honors like the Prime Minister’s Award, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Award, and the Minister of Education Award. These awards are distributed among three categories: “Core Product,” “Management/Corporate,” and “Solution.” 

Core product the MujinController  

Among the 21 awards, the MujinController has garnered the most recognition. It has been honored with six awards for its technical difficulty, innovation, and significant contribution to society. To learn more about the MujinController, please visit our website page.   

We are immensely grateful for the recognition we have received, as it acknowledges our meaningful contributions to society, our exceptional technological capabilities, and our continuous commitment to the development process. 

1. The 7th Robot Award, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (2016) 

Mujin’s first award was the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 7th Robot Awards in 2016.

The award was given with the comment, “In addition to the automotive industry, Mujin was evaluated for its contribution to solving social issues such as labor shortages and improving productivity by promoting automation of the picking process in logistics. The system is designed from the user’s perspective, using a touch panel for intuitive operation. The product can be evaluated as an excellent product that is versatile enough to be used by any robot manufacturer and contributes to expanding the range of robot applications. This is an excellent product that contributes to the expansion of the range of robot applications.  

What is the Robot Award?  

The Robot Award is a system of awards for particularly outstanding robots, components, and software, as well as their advanced utilization, research and development, and human resource development efforts, in order to promote the development of robot technology and the expansion of robot utilization in Japan.  

2. The 10th Robots and Society Award (2018)  

In 2018, “The MujinController’s Contribution to Solving Social Problems such as Manpower Shortage by Spreading Teaching-less Robot System” received the Robots and Society Award sponsored by the Robotics Society of Japan.  

This award was given in recognition of Mujin’s contribution to solving social problems such as labor shortages by promoting teachless robot systems using the original MujinController.  

What is the Robots and Society Award?  

This award was established by the Robotics Society of Japan to promote the realization of a “robot-oriented society” by recognizing activities and knowledge that have made or could make a significant contribution to social change through the diffusion and penetration of robots in various forms, thereby bringing us closer to the above future vision. 

3. The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award (New Technology) (2018) 

In the same year, Mujin was honored with the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) Award (New Technology) for their groundbreaking achievement in the “Development and Commercialization of a Completely Teachless/Intelligent Robot Controller (the MujinController).” 

The award recognized Mujin’s pioneering technological breakthrough, which had not been accomplished previously, as well as the significant societal impact in promoting the widespread adoption of robots.

What is the JSME Award (Technology)? 

Sponsored by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, this award is presented to newly developed technologies in the machinery industry that contribute to the advancement of revolutionary products, improvement in product quality or performance, enhancement of production processes, and substantial economic and social contributions. The evaluation criteria include  

  1. originality and innovation,  
  1. exceptional quality or performance,  
  1. enhanced productivity leading to economic and societal benefits,  
  1. relevance to mechanical engineering and industry,  
  1. actual achievements and ripple effects. 

4. Japan Open Innovation Prize – The Prime Minister’s Award (Grand Prize) (2020) 

In 2020, Mujin was honored with the Prime Minister’s Award, the highest recognition, at the Japan Open Innovation Prize sponsored by the Cabinet Office. This prestigious award acknowledged Mujin’s open innovation efforts in collaboration with a major robot manufacturer for the development of the MujinController. 

Despite being a start-up company, Mujin received high praise for its significant impact in “creating a new market.” This was achieved by collaborating with eight major robot manufacturers and introducing a product that can universally control robots from each company. Additionally, Mujin’s commendable business and intellectual property model were recognized. 

What is the Japan Open Innovation Prize? 

The Japan Open Innovation Prize aim to foster open innovation and accelerate the creation of innovative solutions in Japan. These awards recognize and promote exemplary initiatives that serve as role models, with a particular emphasis on collaborative efforts and the establishment of mechanisms to support such initiatives. 

5. 27th Japan MH (Material Handling) Grand Prize – Special Award (2020) 

In 2020, Mujin received a special award at the Japan MH (Material Handling) Grand Prize, organized by the Japan Material Handling Association. 

The special award was granted in recognition of Mujin’s accomplishments in developing and implementing a system capable of recognizing the shape, position, and condition of objects. This system facilitates smooth movement and grasping without the need for manual teaching, demonstrating continuous evolution and widespread adoption.   

What is the Japan MH Grand Prize? 

The Japan MH Grand Prize acknowledge exceptional contributions in research, development, improvement, and rationalization of material handling technologies and theories. These awards honor individuals, groups, and companies for their achievements, promote collaboration among related organizations, and aim to raise public awareness and knowledge about MH practices. 

6. 9th Technology Management and Innovation Awards, The Ministry of Education Award   

In 2021, Mujin was honored with the Ministry of Education Award at the Technology Management and Innovation Awards for its remarkable development of the MujinController (the ceremony). 

The MujinController’s development has significantly enhanced productivity and expanded the robot market in the logistics and manufacturing sectors. The award also recognized Mujin’s exceptional conceptualization and management skills, which enabled the company to overcome numerous obstacles and challenges that were once deemed impossible.

What is the Technology Management and Innovation Award? 

The Technology Management and Innovation Award acknowledges outstanding efforts that have resulted in commercialization, investment generation, employment creation, and the realization of economic development, social transformation, increased competitiveness, improved welfare, and the achievement of sustainable development goals. 


We have been recognized for our achievements as a venture company and for our achievements as a founder and have received numerous awards for these as well. 

7. 2nd JEITA Venture Awards (2017) 

Mujin received its first venture award, the JEITA Venture Awards, in 2017, in recognition of its groundbreaking achievement in introducing robots to manufacturing sites with high-mix low-volume production and the logistics industry, addressing labor shortages and improving work efficiency. 

What is the JEITA Venture Awards? 

The JEITA Venture Awards is presented to venture companies operating for 15 years or less, whose activities contribute to the development of the electronics and information technology industry. 

8. 19th Kigyoka Prize – Entrepreneurship Challenger Award “Robot Superpower Nippon Creation Award” (2017) 

In the same year, Issei Takino, the CEO, was honored with the Challenger Prize at the 19th Entrepreneur Challenger Awards.  

What is the Kigyoka Prize? 

The KigyokaPrize is bestowed upon venture managers who have demonstrated remarkable achievements throughout the year. The award evaluates not only current results but also past accomplishments, future potential, social contributions, and the ability to inspire young people who will shape Japanese society. The awards aim to contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy by recognizing managers who are creating new cultural paradigms through their business endeavors. 

9. Japan Venture Awards 2018 “ The Director of The Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Agency Award” (2018) 

In 2018, Issei Takino was honored with The Director of The Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Agency Award at the Japan Venture Awards, recognizing the development of the world’s first robot controller that can be universally connected to any manufacturer, enabling unified operability. 

What is the Japan Venture Award? 

The Japan Venture Award acknowledges highly motivated venture company managers whose businesses demonstrate innovation, high growth potential, and contribute to solving social issues.

10. 2018 Japan-US Innovation Awards “Emerging Leader” (2018) 

In the same year, Mujin received the Japan-US Innovation Award, which recognizes startups that have made a significant impact in their respective markets. 

What is the Japan-US Innovation Award? 

The Japan-US Innovation Award honors one startup from each country that has had a notable impact in their respective markets and is recognized as an Emerging Leader. The award is presented to companies with entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic growth, built on outstanding innovation that has the potential to change the world. 

11. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited 2018 Japan Technology Fast 50, 5th place (2018) 

Mujin achieved the 5th position in the 2018 Japan Technology Fast 50, which ranks technology companies based on their revenue growth rates over the past three years. 

What is Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited 2018 Japan Technology Fast 50? 

The Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited 2018 Japan Technology Fast 50 is a ranking of technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) companies in Japan based on their revenue (sales) growth over the past three fiscal years. 

12. Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2018 Ranking,  71st (2018) 

Mujin secured the 71st position in the Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Ranking, which covers the APAC region and employs the same evaluation criteria as the Japan Technology Fast 50. 

13. AI/SUM World 30 Nikkei Award for Best Company (2019) 

Issei Takino participated in the AI startup pitch contest “World 30” held at AI/SUM, one of the largest global AI conferences in Japan in 2019, and received the Nikkei Award for the best company. The award recognized the significant social impact of Mujin’s business. 

What is AI/SUM World 30? 

AI/SUM World 30 is a contest where AI startups compete by presenting their business plans through 3-minute pitches. 

14. 5th place in LinkedIn survey TOP STARTUPS 2019 (2019) 

Mujin was ranked 5th in the TOP STARTUPS 2019 ranking, which identifies the most promising startups in Japan based on LinkedIn data. 


TOP STARTUPS is a competence ranking based on a LinkedIn survey that utilizes data to measure which startups have attracted and gained attention from the best and brightest talent. 

15. 100 people transforming business in Asia (2020) 

CEO Issei Takino was recognized as one of Business Insider’s 100 people transforming business in Asia.


Additionally, Mujin has received six awards for its solutions business. 

16. Selection Committee Special Award of the Logistics Grand Prizes (2018) 

Mujin piece-picking solution, known as MujinRobot Piecepicker, received the Special Award from the Selection Committee at the Logistics Grand Prize. This prestigious recognition was bestowed upon Mujin Robot for its groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes logistics sites by automating the process of piece-picking in warehouses. The solution utilizes intelligent robot controllers that incorporate proprietary motion planning AI technology and 3D recognition technology, enabling complete automation of logistics warehouses. This innovative approach to reducing manpower and achieving unmanned operations garnered high acclaim as a transformative technology with the potential to revolutionize logistics sites. 

What is the Logistics Award? 

The Logistics Award was created to promote logistics integration in society and raise awareness within the logistics sector. It recognizes companies’ outstanding efforts and achievements in improving logistics operations. 

17. 61st Ten Greatest New Product Award, Japan Brand Award (2018) 

The same year, the piece-picking solution by MujinRobot was also honored with the Nippon Brand Prize, which is part of the Ten Greatest New Product Awards. This esteemed prize is awarded to new products that demonstrate original technology and strong competitiveness on a global scale. MujinRobot piece-picking solution stood out among the top new products for its exceptional technological capabilities and its potential to make a significant impact in the industry 

What is the Top 10 New Product Award? 

The Top 10 New Product Award is a system conducted by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun to select and honor products that have the potential to contribute to the advancement of manufacturing and enhance Japan’s international competitiveness. The award recognizes new products developed or implemented by applicant companies in a given year, focusing on their innovative features and potential impact on the industry. 

18. Best for Manufacturing Automation Solutions 2020, APAC Business Awards (2020) 

Mujin received the APAC Business Award for Best Manufacturing Automation Solutions. Mujin’s excellence in manufacturing automation solutions earned them this prestigious award, highlighting their commitment to innovation and their positive impact on the industry. 

What is the APAC Business Award? 

The APAC Business Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of business owners and entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region. It emphasizes the creation of significant value by businesses, regardless of their size, through overall business management, growth, and exceptional product and service offerings.  

19. 2021 RBR 50 Robotics Innovation Award (2021) 

The 2021 Robotics Innovation Award was presented to Material Handling Systems and Mujin for their collaborative work on “picking with multi-pick end effectors.” The system developed by Mujin and Material Handling Systems allows for the simultaneous picking of up to 36 items and packing of four orders at the same time. This cutting-edge technology showcases Mujin’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of robotics and automation in the field of material handling. 

What is the Robotics Innovation Award? 

This award, bestowed by Robotics Business Review, a prominent media outlet specializing in the U.S. robotics market, recognizes achievements in robotics innovation. 

20. Robotics Innovation Prize of the Logistics Grand Prizes (2021) 

The MujinRobot Palletizer was honored with the Robotics Innovation Award at the Logistics Grand Prize. This award acknowledges Mujin’s remarkable efforts in automating loading operations in warehouses. The recognition highlights the company’s outstanding contribution to realizing “people-friendly logistics” by eliminating high workloads for workers. By automating labor-intensive tasks and optimizing loading operations, MujinRobot Palletizer revolutionizes warehouse logistics, making it more efficient and less physically demanding. 

21. The 52nd Japan Industrial Techniques Grand Prix, Special Jury Award (2023) 

Mujin’s “Multi-Product Case Handling System” was bestowed with the Special Jury Award at the 52nd Japan Industrial Techniques Grand Prize. This prestigious award, sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd., celebrates technological achievements that significantly contribute to industrial development, bring about industry and societal changes, or have a notable impact on global environmental conservation. Mujin’s Multi-Product Case Handling System integrates intelligent robots and AGVs to optimize the timing of conveying, loading/unloading, and stacking/shelving of various containers and cardboard boxes.

Further growth 

Mujin expresses deep gratitude for the recognition received through these awards and considers them as a testament to its value and growth as a company.  

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