Mujin won the Ministry of Education Award in the Technology Management and Innovation Awards!

Mujin won the Ministry of Education Award for its development of the intelligent robot controller “MujinController” in the 9th Technology Management and Innovation Awards.

Since we received the Prime Minister’s Award (Grand Prize) at the Japan Open Innovation Prize last year, we were not entitled to receive it again this time… So, that means we have won the highest award that can be awarded this time as well!

The development of MujinController won the award as the achievement of improving productivity in logistics and manufacturing sites and expanding the robot market had been highly evaluated. In addition, Mujin’s abilities to conceive the idea and manage the processes which enabled to realize the innovation in the face of many difficulties had also been recognized.

What is the Technology Management and Innovation Award?

Technology Management and Innovation Awards have been held every year since 2012 by Japan Techno-Economics Society in order to present examples of outstanding innovations changing the world, and to promote economic growth and innovation in Japan.

At the 9th Technology Management and Innovation Awards, 12 was chosen out of over 100 applications.

This award pays particular attention to the content of technology management and innovation and its practical process, for example, the following points.

  • Things that significantly change society, life, industry, or culture
  • Excellent utilization of science and technology (technology management)
  • Business causing breakthrough changes (products/services, customers, production methods, procurement, business models, changes in organization/management, etc.)
  • Things lead to expansion of employment and business

※ From the news release and the pamphlet by Japan Techno-Economics Society (Japanese only)

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