High stacked mixed depalletizing robot at Cainz

Mujin has installed a mixed depalletizing robot at Cainz warehouse which can handle high stacked cases.

Cainz Co., Ltd. is a company that operates a home improvement chain with 225 stores nationwide (as of the end of December 2020) and has top-class sales in Japan.

Depalletizing from high stacked cases

In order to improve the loading efficiency during truck transportation, it is effective to load cases high.
On the other hand, it is very hard to manually unload cases from a high place…

We have now realized a mixed depalletizing robot which can handle stacked cases as high as 2.3 meters.

2 Technologies contributing to this project

1.3D recognition technology with wide field of view

A robot recognize the situation of the stacked cases from the 3D vision placed at the top and depalletize them based on the information. When the cases are stacked high, 3D vision has to be able to detect objects far below. Now with the advanced functionality of Mujin3D-Vision, it has become possible to recognize as high as 2.3 meters.

2.Motion control technology that maximizes the range of the robot motion

In the case of high stacking, the operating range of the robot will become wide accordingly. However, if a large robot is introduced in order to cover the range, it will occupy a lot of space at the sites. With Mujin’s high-level robot control technology, we have succeeded in covering the range while selecting a smaller robot by operating it to be the full range of motion.

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