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The ping-pong area was expanded!

Hi, I'm Takahiro from General Affairs team. The ping-pong table at Mujin is very popular and gives us a chance to exercise and refresh ourselves....

After managing overseas offices around the world, my choice was a small company in Japan

For the “Mujinians Voice” series, this time we would like to introduce Hiro, who is a lead system integration engineer/ project manager. We have many members who...

Mujin’s 10th Anniversary

Mujin marks its 10th anniversary on July 6, 2021. Mujin started from a small garage in Japan in the midst of adversity and has...

Free drinks, free snacks! Why are we doing this?

Hello, I am Takahiro and a member of General Affairs at Mujin. Today I'd like to introduce Mujin's free drinks and snacks! Mujin offers free drinks...

Ace your Computer Vision job interview

Practical tips on how to approach your prep including understanding the role, links, and useful sample questions Welcome to my initial blog on MUJINspire! I'm...

A computer vision engineer giving robots the ability to interact with the world

For “Mujinians Voice” series, this time we would like to introduce Jeronimo, who is leading our computer vision team. He worked on the same project with...

MujinRobot – automate the “watch, think, pick and place” process

Mujin has released new intelligent robot solution packages, "MujinRobot." It automates the "watch, think, pick and place" process in logistics. MujinRobot? While conventionally industrial robots...

Today’s Lunch @ Mujin Cafeteria

Here we are introducing today's lunch provided at Mujin cafeteria! Mujin is providing options such as working from home according to the circumstances. But as...

At the forefront of building ”industrial robots for everyone” – Frontend System team interview

For “Mujinians Voice” series, we had a chat with the Frontend System team and thought it would be great to share their mission and ethos. The team...

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