Mujin Expands Operations in Mikawa Region with New Okazaki Office

Second Major Robot Innovation Center in Japan

To expand its operations in the Mikawa region of Aichi Prefecture, a globally renowned hub for manufacturing industries, Mujin will open a new office in Okazaki in the fall of 2024. Spanning approximately 1,600 square meters, the Okazaki office will offer three key benefits to customers in the Mikawa region:

1. Robot Innovation Center

The center will showcase next-generation intelligent robots unique to Mujin, including depalletizing/palletizing robots for flexible factory logistics automation and teach-less bin-picking robots. By viewing these demo units in person, customers can gain concrete insights into solving production site challenges, beyond what photos and videos can convey.

2. Test Area

Customers can test their own workpieces in Mujin’s test area using actual robots. This allows for confident decision-making before implementation and helps shorten the setup period at the customer’s site.

3. After-Sales Support

The facility will stock a wide range of spare parts to provide immediate maintenance and repair support, preventing production downtime and ensuring rapid deployment.

Background on the Okazaki Office Opening

In recent years, the manufacturing sector has faced chronic labor shortages, rising labor and shipping costs, and the need to prevent technology leaks, all driving a growing demand for automation. However, the shift towards varied production volumes and types has hindered traditional automation methods.

Addressing this challenge, the Toyota Group has proactively automated its factory logistics and transportation processes using Mujin’s AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). Mujin’s unique support system has been highly valued, leading to widespread adoption of Mujin’s automation solutions within the Toyota Group over the past few years.

Recently, there has been a surge in inquiries from other automotive industry clients beyond the Toyota Group, driven by the increasing urgency of societal challenges and Mujin’s proven track record. Also Mujin’s Intelligent Depalletizing/Palletizing Robot for sorting hundreds of types of returnable boxes have received high praise and widespread adoption among major automobile manufacturers.

To meet the needs of customers in the Mikawa region with a combination of versatile intelligent robots and non-fixed equipment like AGVs, Mujin has decided to establish the Okazaki office, strengthening its local support and providing customers with direct access to operational equipment.

Okazaki Office Details

  • Name: Mujin Japan, Inc. Okazaki Office
  • Location: Kokake-51 Ohira-cho, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, 444-0007, Japan
  • Opening Date: Scheduled for Fall 2024

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