Introducing Mujin Japan, Inc., the new subsidiary dedicated to total automation excellence

Designing, Implementing, and Sustaining Next-Gen Automation Solutions:  
A Seamless Journey from Conceptualization to Operation. 

Mujin, a global leader in intelligent robotic automation, announces the establishment of a new subsidiary, Mujin Japan, Inc.

Mujin Japan will provide one-stop services ranging from automation consulting to integration for building complex and highly automated facilities to remote operation support enabled by a real-time digital twin environment, thanks to its unique integrated platform. This enables customers to optimize their entire supply chain and visualize on-site data for analysis, improvement, and management decision-making. 

Establishment Background of Mujin Japan 

In the context of manufacturing and logistics sites, the persistent demand for automation arises from ongoing challenges such as labor shortages, escalating labor and delivery costs, and the imperative to safeguard technological advancements. Moreover, the optimization of entire supply chains necessitates a broad spectrum of understanding, know-how, and automated problem-solving capabilities, yet the availability of suppliers offering such comprehensive services has been exceedingly limited. 

In response to these challenges, Mujin, Inc. has founded Mujin Japan, Inc. with the objective of constructing next-generation factories and warehouses. This endeavor draws on Mujin’s expertise in software and hardware, derived from numerous on-site implementations, and its integrated control technology for various automation devices. 

Mujin Japan’s Next-Generation Total Engineering Services 

Mujin Japan introduces MujinController Platform, an integrated automation platform comprising a diverse range of intelligent robots, AGVs, and other automation equipment, alongside a Warehouse Control System (WCS) for seamless integration and management.
The foundation of Mujin Japan’s next-generation comprehensive engineering services is built upon four key pillars: 

  1. Automation Consulting 

Our team of experts, with vast experience in manufacturing and logistics – including former designers and production engineers from leading automatic equipment and automobile manufacturers – is here to support your supply chain reform. We offer expertise in conceptualizing, strategizing, and implementing automation solutions, providing proposals for surveying and analyzing your current situation, and assisting in defining automation requirements. 

  1. Automation Equipment Design 

Our design team, equipped with profound expertise in robot cells encompassing robot hands to peripheral equipment, is dedicated to crafting, producing, and testing the optimal automation equipment and facilities. We strive to deliver the finest automation solution tailored specifically for your site. 

  1. Integration 

Our team of professionals, possessing comprehensive expertise in both software and hardware, coupled with a wealth of on-site experience, leads the planning, design, and installation of cutting-edge automation systems. Leveraging the latest automation equipment, including intelligent robots and AGVs, we create innovative solutions that were once challenging to construct. 

  1. Maintenance through Databasing 

Departing from the traditional approach of individual controllers for robots, cameras, sensors, and AGVs, MujinController platform seamlessly oversees the entire system. Real-time monitoring of all operations, signals, and statuses is facilitated through a digital twin. This enables swift issue resolution and the identification of underlying causes, contributing significantly to ongoing productivity enhancements. 

The key to next-generation factories and warehouses lies in optimizing the entire process, encompassing both pre- and post-processes,” said Isamu Arase, Director and CEO, Mujin Japan, Inc. “With the establishment of Mujin Japan, we now have the capability to propose and actualize total automation in collaboration with Mujin partner companies, renowned for their industry-leading technology. Our goal is to achieve comprehensive optimization, not just partial, leveraging Mujin’s cutting-edge software technology. By integrating diverse hardware solutions based on Mujin’s software expertise, we are committed to continually enhancing the productivity of the Japanese industry.

The operations of Mujin Japan will be overseen by Isamu Arase, who brings a wealth of experience to the role. Arase pursued a major in mechanical engineering during his university years. Post-graduation, he gained valuable experience as an engineering intern in Taiwan and the U.S. Later, he transitioned into a role as a system engineer for a prominent Japanese machinery manufacturer. In this capacity, he contributed to significant initiatives, including the commencement of overseas factories and the development of new models.
Currently serving as the Head of the System Engineering Division at Mujin, Inc., he plays a pivotal role in various projects, crucial to Mujin’s core business of system engineering.

About Mujin Japan: 

Company Name: Mujin Japan, Inc. (株式会社Mujin Japan) 
Location: 3-8-5 Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
CEO: Isamu Arase  
Business Activities: Automation consulting, sales, and integration of intelligent robot controllers, applications, and software for industrial robots  
Commencement Date: April 1, 2024 

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