MujinMI technology – an advanced robotic software that makes industrial robots intelligent

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial robotics, Mujin stands at the forefront with its groundbreaking technology – MujinMI (Machine Intelligence). In a realm where challenges persist for robots to seamlessly replace human work, Mujin is paving the way for a new era by addressing technical hurdles and ensuring profitability and productivity in diverse industrial settings.

While conventional industrial robots generally repeat the taught movements, Mujin has realized intelligent robots that think and move autonomously with our unique robot intelligence technology. MujinMI redefines the teaching paradigm for industrial robots. It goes beyond the conventional manual teaching methods, enabling robots to not only repeat movements but also learn autonomously, making decisions based on real-time observations.

What is Machine Intelligence?

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) mimics human intelligence, MujinMI takes a different approach, offering a specialized intelligence tailored for machines. Unlike human decision-making, prone to emotional nuances and occasional logical lapses, MujinMI excels in specific areas, executing tasks with unparalleled precision through 100% logical calculations.

MujinMI enables robots to make effective decisions in real time, quickly and easily observing an object and the surrounding environment, then determining the best course of action to complete the task. Ultimately, it allows production-ready robots to be ready much faster – installed and working on day one, even handling outliers and exceptions without requiring manual intervention to correct errors.

Key Components of MujinMI Technology

High-Speed Analytical Inverse Kinematics

Mujin’s Kinematics Calculation Library empowers robots with the ability to solve inverse kinematics equations swiftly and optimally for each robot, considering all exceptional cases. This technology enhances the efficiency of industrial processes, ensuring robots perform tasks with accuracy and speed.

Motion Planning with Real-World Considerations

MujinMI eliminates the need for traditional manual teaching methods by allowing robots to learn and record their trajectories while being moved manually. This real-world adaptability enhances the robot’s ability to navigate complex environments without extensive programming.

3D Recognition Technology

Mujin’s intelligent vision algorithm goes beyond simple object recognition, mimicking the human ability to assess a situation. The 3D vision system not only identifies objects but also makes informed judgments based on the surrounding context, providing a holistic approach to industrial automation.

Efficiency with MujinMI

MujinMI represents a paradigm shift in the world of logistics robots, where traditional AI, including machine learning, often falls short due to lengthy trial-and-error processes. MujinMI offers a unique solution, enabling robots to make real-time decisions by swiftly observing and analyzing their environment, expediting the production-ready phase.

Reliability and Performance

In today’s logistics operations, where errors are non-negotiable, MujinMI stands out with its exceptional reliability. Proven to deliver with as little as one error in 20,000 attempts and even more impressively, one error in 40,000 attempts, MujinMI sets a new standard for error tolerance in industrial robotics.

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