Mujin’s Engineers Ace the Game

After what felt like forever, the Mujin Third Ping Pong Tournament hit us with a comeback, and let me tell you, it was a blast! This time, we shook things up with a Swiss-system tournament. No, it’s not about chocolates or watches; it’s a cool setup where everyone gets a fair shot, and you don’t end up facing the same rival over and over.

Ping pong is also a great way to take a break because it’s healthy for you in many different ways. It stimulates the brain, it helps improve your hand-eye coordination, your reflexes, agility, and flexibility. It’s also good for you physically.

Ping pong has become a beloved tradition among engineers at Mujin, with the game becoming a regular feature of lunch breaks. What’s even more intriguing is the trend of robotics engineers dominating the ping pong arena, with a particular engineer clinching the title for the second time in a row.

This not only underscores the competitive spirit within the company but also highlights the significance of fostering a vibrant workplace culture. Mujin understands that success extends beyond the realms of mere productivity; it involves creating an environment where employees feel emotionally and mentally accepted. At the heart of Mujin’s success lies its commitment to cultivating a thriving company culture, demonstrating that a harmonious workplace is essential for both personal and professional achievements.

Mujinians, a big THANKS to you who participate and who came to root!
Let’s do it again next year! Now, it’s time to train and beat the winner!

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