Robotics podcast with Mujin experts

Mujin is proud to be a part of the robotic community created by The Construct even if we do not use Robot Operating System (ROS). This is a great place to learn the robotics domain, applications, engineering culture, and standards, the place where brilliant minds meet each other.
Mujin is contributing our revolutionary Machine Intelligence (MujinMI) technology to power today’s most advanced warehouse and factory automation solutions. It is a rare place where the top talents can apply their skills to real-world robotics problems, build on a platform already used in production, and work directly with the developers who architected it.

In this podcast you will know more about why Mujin chose the industrial robot path and about our technology from the robotics engineer point of view. Mujin is expanding rapidly around the world, so those who are interested to work with us and build a bright future together, our talent acquisition specialist gives tips. Watch the podcast and join our team of innovators.

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