Video: Mujin’s Vision and Machine Intelligence, a very unique way of doing robotics

One of the hardest and most critical problems our world is facing today is the manual labor shortage. 

Our economy is built on manual labor, and when there are manual labor shortages, we’re producing fewer goods, they cost more, we’re innovating less, and we have less time to spend doing what we love.

Can you imagine a world where people don’t need to do heavy labor jobs and where all these jobs can be done by just robots? 

We founded Mujin to make it happen with robotics automation. Robotics automation is the key to liberating the next generation of society, creating a higher quality of life, and giving everybody the time to innovate, create and do what they want to do.  

The reason why Mujin has a big impact on the world is not just because we’re focusing on cool technology and not just because we want to make products, but because we’re giving an opportunity to every one of our suppliers and customers to invest in robotics technologies. Every time a customer invests more in robotics, more resources go into innovation to build the next generation of robotics and enable our suppliers to improve their products. 

People are the core of what makes this company great. Being a part of a company that develops cutting-edge technology requires a lot of dedication and commitment. Therefore, we appreciate and deeply value every addition to our team.

Mujin’s people are motivated, and together we are growing as a company, growing as professionals, and improving our skills by learning from each other. This contributes not only to society but also to our personal improvement and growth. Each one of us is very important to the Mujin vision, and we Mujinians, are making a huge contribution to the company and to the world. 

We will continue to change the world to create a brighter future for humanity with industrial robots.  

Watch our latest video by Rosen Diankov, Co-Founder and CTO of Mujin, Inc. / CEO of Mujin Corp.

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