Mujin received Award for the Multi-Product Case Handling System with Intelligent Robot and AGV

Mujin has received a Special Jury Award at the 52nd Japan Industrial Techniques Grand Prix for its cutting-edge multi-product case handling system which integrates intelligent robots and AGVs to optimize the loading, unloading, stacking, and shelving of various containers and cardboard boxes (“cases”). The system is the first of its kind to integrate both intelligent robot and AGV control with real-time motion generation to transfer multiple types of cases in factories and warehouses. 

Multi-product case handling system made possible by Intelligent Robot Software 

Traditionally, automating the handling of various cases has been challenging due to their different sizes and shapes, leading to reliance on human labor. Operating a standard industrial robot requires programming every motion in advance, and further programming work is necessary to link them to cameras and peripheral devices. 

To address this, Mujin developed a multi-product case handling system that employs its proprietary software to control robots and make them intelligent.  

  1. Intelligent robot case handling 

An intelligent robot can respond flexibly by using high-precision MujinVision3D to recognize the shape, position, and posture of cases and the surrounding environment in real-time. Our intelligent robot software calculates the best movements based on factors such as the environment, robot motion range, and other constraints. Once calculated, the robot performs tasks such as loading/unloading, stacking, and shelving. 

The system can perform optimal motions in a wide variety of scenarios. The robot calculates the most efficient packing shape, considering loading efficiency and the order in which the cases need to be handled in subsequent processes. 

  1. Fleet control of intelligent robots and AGVs 

Another notable feature of our system is the integration of intelligent robots and AGVs with fleet control using our intelligent robot software. This ensures coordinated operation at the optimal timing and enables optimization of the overall layout. Our software keeps track of the progress of the preceding and following processes, enabling smooth and efficient operation of the entire system. 

The entire system can benefit from improved capacity precisely because it is managed on a single platform. With the further addition of remote monitoring software, the operating status of the entire system can be assessed quickly, allowing for immediate response to unexpected events. 

Mujin’s system offers numerous benefits such as compensating for labor shortages, contributing to business continuity and industrial development, and creating comfortable working environments for workers as it automates the heavy lifting in operations. It also contributes to environmental preservation by using flexible intelligent robots and AGVs that can easily change layouts, enabling continuous use of equipment without having to dispose of it each time. 

At Mujin, we are committed to developing new functions and solutions based on this system to solve an increasingly wide range of problems and drive progress in the industry. 

The Japan Industrial Techniques Grand Prix are given to technologies that have been completed or achieved success between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year. The awards recognize the development of large-scale industrial equipment and structures, software, systems, or technologies that bring about changes in industry and society, and equipment that has a significant effect on global environmental conservation. 

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