From the sea to our plates: a tuna-cutting show and sushi-making class at Mujin

At Mujin we believe that company culture is more than just about the work we do. It is about creating a community where our employees can come together and share experiences that enrich our lives. Our recent sushi-making class with Mujin chef Hideyoshi Furukawa is a perfect example of how we promote our company culture.

Witnessing the Tuna Cutting Show with Chef Hideyoshi

Chef Hideyoshi’s trip to Toyosu fish market was a testament to his commitment to quality and excellence. We were lucky enough to have access to the freshest high-quality ingredients which we used to make our own sushi.

The highlight of the class was undoubtedly the tuna cutting show, where chef Hideyoshi demonstrated his expertise in cutting an entire tuna fish into various parts, including the fatty and semi-fatty tuna that are popular in sushi dishes. Witnessing this process was a rare and unique experience that gave us a greater appreciation for the artistry and technique required to make sushi.

As a company, we believe in providing unique experiences that not only educate our employees but also promote teamwork and collaboration. Our sushi-making class allowed us to work together to create delicious rolls and nigiri, while also having fun and learning about Japanese cuisine.

From Nigiri to Maki Rolls

Sushi is a dish that requires precision and the right combination of ingredients, including rice, vinegar, fish, and seaweed, which are essential to the flavors of many Japanese dishes. We learned about the different types of fish commonly used in sushi, including salmon, yellowtail, sea bream, scallops, sea urchin, saltwater eel, and red shrimp, among others.

Under the guidance of chef Hideyoshi Furukawa, we learned how to properly prepare each fish, from slicing it into the perfect size for nigiri sushi to wrapping it tightly in seaweed and rice for maki rolls. We also learned about the different types of sushi, including hosomaki (thin rolls), futomaki (thick rolls), and nigiri (hand-pressed sushi).

We strive to create a culture that promotes growth, community, and diversity. Our sushi-making class was just one of the many examples of how we bring our values to life. We look forward to creating more memorable experiences for our employees and continuing to foster a culture that we can all be proud of.

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