Supermarket Tour Night: the Grocery Shopping became easier

We recently hosted an exciting and educational Supermarket Tour Night, and it was an absolute hit!

Participants gathered to explore the aisles of a local supermarket and gain invaluable insights into navigating Japanese supermarkets with ease. The event brought together individuals from various teams, creating a fantastic opportunity for inter-team communication and fostering a sense of community among participants. 

The tour began with a theory session, where we discussed common challenges faced by foreigners in Japanese supermarkets. We tackled issues such as the lack of English labeling, difficulties in finding specific ingredients, and deciphering unfamiliar items. Participants were eager to learn about the nuances of Japanese cuisine, including the differences between pack of salted salmon and raw salmon. Armed with newfound knowledge, everyone was ready to embark on a hands-on experience at the supermarket. 

Here are some memorable highlights from our Supermarket Tour Night: 

  • Discount Corner: We guided participants to the discount section for fruits and vegetables, revealing the secret to finding great deals. We even shared a valuable tip about identifying staff members who place discount stickers on deli packages. The sticker colors, red and yellow, served as visual cues for spotting discounted products. 
  • Fruit Selection: We discussed the differences between expensive and inexpensive fruits, introducing participants to various fruit brands available. Participants were equipped to make informed choices and select their favorite fruits confidently. 
  • Raw vs. Cooked Fish: One of the highlights of the tour was the explanation of the kanji 刺身 (sashimi) on fish packages. Identifying this kanji, participants learned to recognize fish that can be eaten raw. Many participants were excited to capture photos of the kanji for future reference. 
  • Vegan Options: We were thrilled to have a vegan member in our group. We took the opportunity to showcase numerous vegan food options available in Japanese supermarkets, despite the challenge of Japanese-only packaging. The vegan participant left the tour with a cart filled with various vegan products, delighted to have discovered a wider range of choices. 
  • Decoding Sugar-Free: Participants had queries about sugar-free and non-sugar-free foods and beverages. One participant, in particular, was searching for a sugar-free yogurt drink but was unsure which brand to choose. Together, we identified the specific brand and package design, providing the participant with the desired sugar-free option. It was a moment of triumph! 
  • Mastering Miso: Many participants expressed interest in miso selection and preparation. As a Japanese guide, one of organizers shared her personal insights into choosing good miso, including the differences in colors and preferred usage. Participants left the tour equipped with the knowledge to select high-quality miso for their culinary endeavors. 

Throughout the tour, there were lively and engaging discussions. Participants debated which chocolate pie tasted better, the seasonal or the classic variant. They even deliberated whether it was preferable to eat a chocolate pie warm or cold. Such conversations added a touch of fun and camaraderie to the event. 

We were happy to witness the enthusiasm and curiosity of the participants as they asked for personal recommendations and insights into personal choices as Japanese native. It was heartwarming to share experiences and help them navigate the diverse range of products available. 

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