Mujin at iREX2023

Mujin is a software company, transcending conventional robot control by integrating control of robot cells, 3D vision, and robot grippers, enabling autonomous operations driven by real-time contextual awareness. The expanded control extends to peripheral devices like AGVs and conveyors, enabling integrated production line management, data visualization, and remote operation.

Pioneering Intelligent Automation

The core mission driving Mujin is liberating humans from manual labor to make them focus on creativity, innovation, and making the world a better place.

At the heart of our strategy lies the universal robot controller, designed for simplicity and accessibility, empowering both integrators and end-users to create sophisticated automation applications effortlessly.

Mujin’s showcase centered on the transformative power of the MujinController, ushering in an era of optimized factory automation and seamless logistics applications without the need for complex programming or teaching. This platform, empowered by real-time digital twins, enables autonomous decision-making for robots. Integrated with advanced vision system and adaptable hardware, the MujinController’s superior motion planning facilitates a range of applications – from truck and trailer unloading (TruckBot) to bin picking, palletizing, depalletizing, and piece picking.

Unified Efforts

At iREX2023, Mujin showcased its latest six solutions. The exhibition’s concept revolves around “Intelligent Automation for DX in the Era of Variant Variables.” These cutting-edge solutions, including new UI design, seven robots, and twelve AGVs, were spotlighted amid a landscape grappling with labor shortages, escalating wages, logistics costs, and a pressing need for automation amidst technology leak concerns.

The booth at iREX2023 was a hub of innovation, showcasing Mujin’s evolution into “Intelligent Automation.” It attracted a multitude of visitors keen on witnessing the latest solutions, solidifying Mujin’s position as a trailblazer in the field.

The company-wide collaboration is also essential to its success. In order to showcase the robot solutions filled with the latest technology smoothly, collaboration among all departments, including engineering, integration, project management, and infrastructure, is essential. In addition to the sales, consulting, and marketing departments, members of various departments such as corporate planning, general affairs, supply chain management, human resources, and accounting are also involved in the preparation, operation, and cleanup of the event, leading to its success.

Mujin remains committed to addressing customer needs and challenges, leveraging our collective expertise and dedication to drive meaningful change within the industry.

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