2023 End-of-Year Party at Mujin

The End-of-Year celebration took place on December 22nd (Friday) during lunch, held in our decorated cafeteria at Mujin HQ. Some of our valuable members were on the customer site for integration (big shoutout to them!) while others had already started their holiday vibes. But guess what? The ones who were there made it count – we soaked up the atmosphere like champs!

Our genius Michelin-starred chef went all out, whipping up a buffet that screamed “holiday feast!” We firmly believe good food isn’t just fuel; it’s the secret sauce that makes an event unforgettable. Every day at Mujin HQ, we’re spoiled with restaurant-quality meals, and this day was no different.

The chef’s specials were a knockout: duck in all its glorious forms: confit, magret de canard, and fois gras, alongside Japanese beef, lamb leg, and our in-house hit, the MFC (Mujin Fried Chicken). And that’s just the hot platters! Cold platters had a lineup of meat and fish starters that could make anyone’s taste buds dance. And for our diverse squad with different dietary needs, we had it covered – vegetarian, halal options, ensuring everyone partook in this gastronomic celebration.

Dessert time was a dream! The Buche de Noel, a cake that looks like a log but tastes like heaven, a flourless chocolate cake rolled with whipped cream and strawberries, dusted with confectioners’ sugar. And the surprise addition? Pavlova! Sweet, crunchy, and utterly delightful.

Hold up, though – the real showstopper? A candy craft Christmas tree topped with a Unicorn! Our chef’s creativity knows no bounds.

There’s more! We kicked up the fun with a holiday-themed quiz. Questions bounced from holiday traditions worldwide to Mujin-specific queries, and the winners scored some sweet little gifts. Laughter and joy were the real prizes, though!

To lock in those awesome moments, we created a photo zone. Employees got together, snapping loads of cool pics – like a fun souvenir to take home from our Mujin bash. They had a blast using props, from Santa hats to reindeer horns, just take a look on how did the laughs and smiles show in those digital snapshots!

Every year new challenges continue to emerge as we continue to grow, but Mujin will continue to work passionately to enhance worldwide productivity and contribute to society. Happy Holidays!

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