Mujin values are visible and attractive

At Mujin, we have recently rolled out our core values (Mujin is proud to announce our Vision and Core Values), which are extremely important for our company. For customers and prospective employees, they paint a picture of a company’s culture. For existing employees, a set of core values can help to keep people engaged and motivated, obtain a greater understanding of their job role and how they can help achieve Mujin goals. 

Once we’ve defined Mujin’s core values, the next important task is to make them known and visible across the company. Now Mujin values are known with their iconic pictures, but how were they made?

The role of the core values pictures is not simply to make brochures, posters, or stickers pretty, but to create a more complete experience for those coming into contact within Mujin. This process took a couple of months full of discussions, ideas exchange, and sometimes arguments. We listened to Mujin founders carefully to be able to catch a core message while they describe Mujin. 

We, Mujin Design and PR teams, worked closely with Mujin founders and values’ creators. The designing part was an extremely challenging task. At first, we had to fully understand the meaning of each value to express it by one picture. 

For example, Mujin CTO, Rosen, can speak several hours about rockets, moonbase, or travel to Mars. Rosen is passionate about space, cutting-edge technologies, and of course, the future of robotics. The idea of drawing “Appolo 11”, which is a perfect representation of human struggle until the last minute and being a winner,  for “never give up, never surrender” value came up after such thoughts.

When we discussed “take initiative, be independent” Mujin CEO, Issei, imagined Jeanne d’Arc, a national heroine of France, and her history. We immediately start talking about a free open-minded woman who is mentally strong and can lead people like an owner. In Mujin, we accept challenges and have a chance to make our own rules, and make others follow them.

We planned a reveal that will be memorable and engage employees to quickly learn the values. So, we ordered die-cut laptop stickers and wall posters which were presented to employees during the internal meeting.

Now, many of the laptops around our office proudly spot our values and make it easy to be top-of-mind. Values posters both in Japanese and English are pinned on every visible wall at the Mujin office including public areas, development areas, meeting rooms, and bathrooms. The point was to select items that are frequently close to our employees and reinforces the values visually on a daily basis. When the core values are visibly present, it’s a reminder of what we stand for.

Values stickers are placed in a public area at the Mujin office. Our customers, candidates, and other visitors are free to grab some. We are proud to get more and more positive feedback from them about values design and are ready for new ideas in the future. 

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