Diversity: everyone is unique

What is cultural diversity?

The Oxford Dictionary defines cultural diversity as “the existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society”. A diverse workforce employs people from all walks of life: all  backgrounds, genders, ages, races, religions, and abilities.Our team at Mujin is composed of members with 27 different nationalities. We all came from different cultural background, we all have different lifestyle, and our way of communication is also quiet different. We all have our own stereotype about each country, even if we hear or read something about a certain culture. It’s important to realize that this doesn’t mean everyone from that particular background acts/thinks/believes the same thing.

In Mujin we encourage our employees to get to know each other better where we can do our own research and learn about people, understand how each person is unique and valuable for Mujin.  We don’t judge each other’s political, religious or national view. Each member’s behavior creates company brand!
Together we can achieve more, right? We are diverse company, and we have no limits for our creativity, which directly leads to productivity, and innovation. This is the core of Mujin’s success!
In Mujin, we believe when different minds come together to achieve a common goal and our mission, then the result can be monumental- make this planet a better place for humans.

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