Forming stronger bonds at team dinner

The most valuable resources Mujin has are its human resources. And we believe in showing employees how valuable they are to the company. When morale is high, employees tend to be more motivated means engaged. People want to work at a place that lives up to its mission statement and makes an effort to reward and validate its employees

Engaged employees are an active part of the company culture. They are excited to come to work and put in their best effort because they feel valued and know the role they play in the company’s success. The retention rate is much higher for companies with employees who feel like they have good relationships within their team. Having a strong team bond is imperative to making sure the employees stick around.

And we found a solution in Mujin! HR team provide a new benefit for our valuable teams which have a great effect on maintaining open communication as Mujin is getting bigger and bigger very quickly, ensuring that people never feel divided. A great way to create a good relationship and to encourage productivity is to make team dinner.

Team dinner allows employees to relax, have fun, and know they are valued. The team dinner is a good opportunity to employees to express their feelings in a small team, know each other better, to improve the relationships among co-workers and understand the people they work with as part of their family.

Taking a team outside their normal surroundings and putting them into a new environment will force them to think outside the box. Also, this kind of activity will help to reduce work related stress. Mujin offers this great opportunity! Once per month our employees gather together and enjoy a funny night together.

And Mujin is paying for it!

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