Staying Connected – forming communication bonds

As the Mujin business grows, establishing and nurturing communication channels inside the company becomes increasingly important, especially establishing effective and positive communication with everybody inside the company.

Mujin employees eat lunch together, enjoy sports activities and social events, which encourages them to naturally build relationships with each other. These strong bonds between us create an environment that makes information sharing easier.

With more and more new people coming, it becomes difficult to keep track of what is happening in the company and what each department is focusing on.

Mujin has started to hold Internal Update Meetings for the entire company. Almost every month, we do an all-together meeting with employees to keep them posted on recent successes and how the company is doing, as well as upcoming social events and other company-related information. During lunchtime, we gather in the cafeteria where Rosen, Issei, and sometimes other members share their news with everyone.

Our founders remain visible and accessible almost every day, which gives employees encouragement and opportunities to learn things that they would miss if they were just talking to management. Employees are able to ask questions and offer ideas.

Information sharing makes things easier and smoother, and employees do their best towards our goal – liberate all human beings by automation of super dangerous tasks, give people more time to be creative. Each employee needs to understand why they are here and how individually and as a team, they are contributing to the success of the company – providing a sense of belonging and purpose.

Communication bonds are valuable. Engineers, sales, and administration fight together, on a real battlefield and understand each other, our difference, and importance. That is the most efficient way towards the same Mujin goal. We aim for the goal where we are struggling for a long time in order to meet all customer needs.

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