Mujin Concludes Series C Extension Round Securing $18 Million to Boost Platform Adoption Worldwide

Additional funding opens path to global expansion for Mujin and increased operational efficiency for Japan Post

TOKYO and ATLANTA — December 13, 2023 — Mujin, a trailblazer in intelligent robotics, has finalized its Series C extension round with a substantial capital boost from Japan Post Capital Co., Ltd., and another strategic partner. The additional $18 million secured in this round bolsters the total Series C funding to $104 million and elevates Mujin’s cumulative fundraising to $178 million.

This Series C funding underscores Mujin’s core objective, to advance accessibility to their groundbreaking MujinController platform for integrators and end users. The platform will empower Mujin partners to pioneer new automation applications, fostering innovation on a global scale.

This funding amplifies Mujin’s capacity to deliver cutting-edge industrial robotic solutions worldwide, solidifying its position as a technology market leader. By unlocking automation possibilities for previously unattainable tasks, Mujin is reshaping industrial automation’s landscape globally.

At the heart of Mujin’s vision is a commitment to eliminating mundane and hazardous tasks, envisioning a world where workers can channel their capabilities towards more meaningful endeavors. Their MujinController platform has opened doors for companies to create and implement automation solutions previously deemed impossible.

As a part of their strategic partnership with Japan Post, Mujin will provide expertise in cutting-edge robotic automation. Together, they will aim to drive Japan Post’s facilities towards greater efficiency and innovation, aligning with Mujin’s commitment to revolutionize industrial operations.

About Mujin

Mujin, a robotics technology company, develops “machine intelligent” robot controllers that are designed as a common platform for industrial and collaborative robots specializing in logistics and other pick-and-place applications. Launched in Tokyo in 2011 with offices in China and in the U.S., Mujin works with many of the world’s largest companies to make material handling applications easier to deploy, more accurate and less costly. The company’s flagship product, the MujinController, uses machine intelligence technology to give robotic systems real-time decision-making ability that enables truly autonomous, reliable, and production-capable robot applications.

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