Where work meets fun – BBQ

Picture this: November in Tokyo, the air not quite chilly but comfortably cool, setting the stage for an unexpected delight- a barbeque in full swing. At Mujin, we thrive on surprises, and yet, every planned event like the BBQ is a chance for us to savor the moments that make our gatherings truly special.

For us at Mujin, robotics software isn’t just about coding; it’s about forging connections, fostering creativity, and yes, having an absolute blast while doing it. Our recent BBQ wasn’t just about firing up the grill; it was a chance for us to come together and chat with our CEO, Issei. It’s where camaraderie is built, ideas flow freely, and teamwork finds its groove. Our BBQs aren’t just events; they’re the heartbeats of our teamwork.

Imagine engineers and the sales team sharing tales while toasting marshmallows – that’s how we roll at Mujin!

And let me tell you about the food – our Mujin chef nailed it! From mouthwatering yakisoba to a variety of meats, including famous Japanese wagyu. And hey, we’ve got options for everyone, whether it’s veggie delights or halal choices. Diversity isn’t just a buzzword here; it’s the fabric of our reality.

But the fun didn’t end with the last bite. Our post-BBQ plans? Karaoke. Cue the laughter and debates about which generation owns which song – the passion for music matching the fervor for innovation.

At Mujin, this isn’t a one-off affair. Monthly events are part of our DNA. They’re where we unwind, brainstorm, and simply enjoy being a part of something greater.

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