Free drinks, free snacks! Why are we doing this?

Mujin offers free drinks and snacks to our members, and you can find vending machines with a variety of drinks in the Mujin office. When you just push the button, you can get the bottle!

As for snacks, we offer a variety of crackers, gummies, nuts, mini-donuts, cereals, chocolate, and other snacks to keep our members happy. Good food is justice, isn’t it?

Why do we offer them for free?

In addition to drinks and snacks, Mujin also offers free lunch. (Check Hungry? There is a free lunch!)

I know it’s quite sudden to ask you, but have you ever thought these working?

“I don’t know what I’m going to have for lunch today.”
“I’m a little peckish, but it’s too late to go to the shop to buy some…”
“I’ve been in so many meetings, and my brain does not work! I need something sweet to refresh my mind!”

Mujin is here to help!

We would like to reduce the amount of stress and time which our members spend on these things so that we can create an environment that allows our members to perform at their best.

With this in mind, we offer free lunch, drinks, and snacks. In addition, our delicious coffee is also free! I don’t mean to praise ourselves, but I think Mujin provides one of the best working environments in Japan.

For comfortable working environment

In the early days of the company, the CEO Issei used to prepare and serve lunch to the members by himself. He must have been very busy, but it was a wonderful act of hospitality.

Since he has valued everyone’s time, and been willing to help the members, Mujin has grown to be such a workplace!

General Affairs department is responsible for the operation of these measures, but it is easier said than done.

When I joined the company 3 year ago, the system was not yet established, and there were no vending machines yet. We had to replenish the refrigerator by hand. The drinks disappeared at a frightening pace, receiving feedback that the drinks were not cold enough, while the company itself was growing. (3-4 people joined per month)

Finally, in the summer of 2018, we decided to have our first free vending machine at office!

Loving and hugging Mujin-colored vending machine. I still think it was an event that is no longer an exaggeration to call an “innovation”.

I got a little sidetracked at the end, but If you want to work in an office like this, please take a look at our career page!

At last, there is only one thing that I would like you to be careful about;

Please be careful not to eat too much! (There are many people who worry about their bellies after joining the company).

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