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For many people, coffee is a significant part of their lives. This has become very popular with many people liking the convenience it provides. Being able to buy a coffee and then drink it on the go from a fresh clean cup is an amazing feeling. But how to get coffee during working hours? Just serve the best coffee to employees!
Mujin employees
At Mujin we provide brewed fresh coffee whenever our employees or guests want it. This coffee culture was born together with the Mujin birth. Mujin CTO, Rosen, brought this culture to life. We are serving not just coffee but “the best” coffee, which is reflecting one of the Mujin cultures, “Pursue the Highest Quality.”
Rosen is a true coffee lover. He always starts his day with black coffee made in a Mujin way upgraded coffee machine. This machine (currently we have two) is called internally “Rosen’s child”. It is a fancy fully automatic coffee machine “Jura” filled with high-quality fresh coffee beans. It guarantees the perfect coffee experience made of fresh beans, ground, and extracted at the push of a button within a couple of seconds. We could select americano, espresso, cappuccino, a flat white, and a vast range of other types and varieties. The coffee machine is cleaned every day because you can’t enjoy a good coffee if your coffee machine is dirty. Cleaning and maintaining Mujin equipment is one of our top priorities.
Rosen & Jura
Currently, we are using coffee beans delivered from Brazil Passeio farm because a good coffee machine means nothing without freshly ground coffee beans. This farm has a strong control of the amount of pesticide for the environment. The coffee is picked by hand which is quite rare in Brazil. The coffee flavor depends on freshness, or timing after roasting, as well as the quality of green beans. Our coffee roasters wholesale company roasts beans right after Mujin’s order and always provides only fresh coffee beans.
Rosen started drinking coffee during his first year at Berkeley. According to him, before that Rosen could drink 12 cans of coke per day! So, one day he tried a black coffee and fell in love with it.
No, not with the bitter weird taste.
The dimmed lights, the hum of the projector, and the rambling monotone of the professor’s voice are the perfect combination to make anyone space out. After a sip of coffee Rosen said he could focus on studying and, according to him: “I remember all information provided in University for these 4 years of education without taking any note”. Rosen drinks coffee to easily concentrate on his work, not for pleasure, but coffee-like bitter taste.
Rosen enjoys the coffee aroma 
Once Issei and Rosen established Mujin (Mujin Story), Rosen requested to brew great coffee at work. Not a jar of generic and often unpleasant-tasting instant coffee, but the coffee which should be the same quality of coffee as people are seeing on the high street both from independent and branded coffee shop chains. Mujin founders bring out the best in our employees.
At Mujin, we start our days with a trip to the coffee machines which makes the morning time more enjoyable, and use coffee breaks as a way to escape our desk and workload for a few minutes throughout the day. The coffee machine area became a social hub, where Mujin employees could meet each other and get to know each other better (Diversity: everyone is unique). Coffee breaks are a great way for us to get together in an informal setting to have a quick chat or come up with creative ideas and solutions. A sip of coffee during working hours not only makes us happy but enhances our productivity and creativity. Some of our employees prefer meetings while drinking coffee.
Mujin employees
There are few things better than a delicious cup of coffee. The gentle aroma as you bring your coffee cup close to your face, the first sip when you appreciate the flavor notes for the first time, and that aftertaste that lingers on your tongue. To enjoy a good coffee, a cup matters a lot. The different cups will not change the taste of your coffee dramatically. However, it will boost the drinking experience and the perceived enjoyment of the coffee.
Rosen believes that the best way to enjoy your coffee is to drink it from your favorite mug. On day 1 we give a Mujin welcome kit including a mug to all our new employees, which they could use for coffee or other liquids. It’s reusable, but it’s also nicer to drink from and feels like being at home.
Enjoying coffee with cheesecake from Mujin chef 
As you may have read before about Mujin benefits, we provide not only free unlimited freshly brewed coffee. Free lunches daily by a Michelin-starred restaurant chef, ranging from high-end French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and Middle-Eastern to authentic Japanese foods such as sashimi and sushi (Hungry? There is a free lunch!); fully stocked kitchen with healthy and some not-so-healthy snacks and chocolates; and of course, Japanese famous vending machines which offer a variety of drinks, hot and cold, from coffee beverages to soups and lemonades, and here it’s only about food!
Added on July 20, 2020:
Our CTO loves to try new beans to select the best one for our Mujin family:
Mujin coffee sommelier with 4 choices
Mujin coffee sommelier with 4 choices

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