International Women in Robotics Day

Today, on October 4, 2023, we proudly celebrate the International Women in Robotics Day, a remarkable initiative by the organization Women in Robotics. This day is a testament to the incredible contributions of women in the ever evolving field of robotics.

We have the privilege of hearing directly from two inspiring women at Mujin, Wenjing and Kenza.

How did you first get interested in robotics?

I got interested when I was a child watching Japanese animations in which there are many robots. At that time, those robots were the coolest heroes in my heart.

I had a few electronics DIY kits as a kid, and I would spend hours trying to find new uses for them in my house. I started my studies in university with fundamental sciences, and I found that it was lacking practical application. Once I found out about robotics studies, it clicked: it was the perfect usage of sciences on concrete applications! Since then, I am having fun making robots 😊.

What is your favorite part about working at Mujin?

My favorite part about working at Mujin is to witness the whole progress that those automation scenes with robots in imagination become true.

We are never lacking new technical challenges: different setups or applications that require innovative solutions. It’s a very stimulating environment where I am surrounded by people willing to help to achieve great things together.

What advice for women starting a robotics career?

Although now women are a relatively small group in the robotics industry, our efforts are meaningful. We can inspire more girls!

To start small but right away! Practice makes perfect, and there are a lot of resources on the internet to start small projects even with minimal hardware. Also, hackathons or company challenges are great beginner-friendly places to learn by doing and to meet people with whom to share ideas.

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