Exploring the Future of Industry 4.0: Tsinghua University students’ visit

On July 27th, a group of ten students from Tsinghua University’s Industrial Engineering Department visited Mujin. The trip was part of Tsinghua’s Company Visit & Industrial Learning Program, which resumed after the Covid-19 pandemic. The program aimed to expose students to cutting-edge technologies in Industry 4.0 and included interactions with renowned universities like UTokyo and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Mujin, renowned as one of Japan’s most innovative high-tech companies in the Industry 4.0 domain, was chosen as the ideal destination to gain insights into cutting-edge technologies.

During their time at Mujin, the students were treated to an exceptional office tour, leaving them a lasting impression. The students unanimously rated the experience with a perfect score of 10 out of 10, a testament to the impact of the visit on their learning and understanding.

The students’ day began with a warm welcome from Mujin’s HR team, setting the tone for an extraordinary experience. The team shared valuable insights into the company’s history, mission, and vision, showcasing its path-breaking innovations in Industry 4.0.One of the highlights of the visit was an office tour, leaving a lasting impression on the students. They saw firsthand the practical applications of cutting-edge technologies developed by Mujin. The state-of-the-art facilities demonstrated how the company is transforming manufacturing processes.

Also, representatives from Mujin’s Hardware and Vision teams took center stage to present their respective roles within the organization. The students gained valuable insights into the diverse responsibilities and challenges faced by the teams in driving Mujin’s innovation forward. The presentations were informative and inspiring, leaving a profound impact on the visiting students.

After the official part of the visit, everyone at Mujin enjoyed an exceptional lunch that delighted the students. The gathering provided an opportunity for casual interactions and strengthened the bond between the visiting students and Mujin’s team.

The Tsinghua University students unanimously rated the visit to Mujin a perfect 10 out of 10. The experience expanded their knowledge of Industry 4.0 and reinforced the importance of collaboration, innovation, and global engagement in shaping the future of industrial engineering.

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