Looking Back on 2021

Today is our last operating day in 2021. Thank you for being with us and supporting us this year.

2021 Highlights

Established US office “Mujin Corp.” in North America

The office serves as a hub for expanding the company’s multi-award-winning solutions into the US’s burgeoning logistics automation market. Check the recap of our exhibitions at PACK EXPO Las Vegas!

Released the upgraded logistics automation package “MujinRobot” Seriese

MujinRobot is to automate the process of “watch, think, pick and place” in logistics. It has improved the processing speed significantly and realized what had never been done before.

More robot solutions at customers

A variety of robots have started operating in logistics centers and factories this year.

5 awards

We have 5 news regarding awards this year.

  • Japan Open Innovation Prize ceremony (The Prime Minister Award)
  • Technology Management and Innovation Award (The Ministory of Education Award)
  • Logistics Grand Prize (Rootics Innovation Prize)
  • APAC Business Award (UK)
  • Robotics Business Review 50 Innovation Award (US)
Technology Management and Innovation Award
Japan Open Innovation Prize
Logistics Grand Prize


Mujin was covered by more than 250 international media this year.

We wish you wonderful holidays. See you again in 2022! 

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