Recommended book for young people

Have you ever think how people become successful? Do they have dreams? How these dreams become true?
Mujin is a place where we witness the clashes between advanced robotics technologies and real-world needs and where our software engineering practices must come face-to-face with these issues. To achieve it, first, it’s better to understand what does the artificial intelligence mean.
Daily Industrial Newspaper (日刊工業新聞) posted an article where famous entrepreneurs recommended books for young people. One of the book was recommended by Mujin CTO Rosen Diankov.
Dr. Rosen Diankov
“We are at an age where AI is necessary for any type of job. Being influenced by this buzzword, we feel that great things will happen by utilizing AI. However, we are unable to make decisions without the correct information.
Both successful and unsuccessful events which occurred during the 50 years of AI research history are organized in this book. Written like a novel and easy to understand, it is widely adopted as a university textbook for undergraduate studies in the US.
Thanks to this book, Open source AI technologies began to flourish. Students downloaded and experienced using programs written in the book, deepening their knowledge. Open source changed the flow of technology development.”, Dr. Diankov said.
Books at Mujin’s office
You can buy “Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach’ by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig using these links:
English version:
“Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach”
Japanese version:
“エージェントアプローチ 人工知能”

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