In-Plant Logistics Process Automation by Mujin for Aisin: News release

Demand for logistics automation is increasing not only in warehouses but also in factories. As one of the examples, we would like to introduce the next-generation parts distribution system designed for Aisin Corporation. This flexible system automatically performs pre- and post-assembly processes such as components delivery, storage, and empty container collection at the targeted time of the process. Mujin installed 2 intelligent robots for returnable container handling and 31 AGVs (automated guided vehicles) at the Aisin factory. 

Almost all transportation operations (before and after the assembly process) are efficiently performed by 31 AGVs. According to the assembly line’s operational status, efficient timing to transfer parts between receiving, storage, sorting, assembly, and empty container collection processes was achieved. 

Another great achievement is that only 2 intelligent robots were necessary to handle more than 50 types of returnable containers in the sorting process, including mixed sorting and transferring. Each robot gripper is equipped with a Mujin 3D vision system that recognizes more than 50 different types of containers, including those with lids. The intelligent robot automatically changes the configuration of the gripper depending on which container it must grasp. The robot pick containers from pallets and transfers them to storage shelves, carts, etc. while following the optimum trajectory and considering the surrounding environment and the robot’s range of motion in real time.  

With Mujin’s solution, Aisin is able to: 

  • fully utilize existing facilities and be flexible depending on the company’s needs and constraints 
  • improve the working environment by eliminating heavy lifting and transit around the factory 
  • improve safety by minimizing the use of forklifts and electric carts operation 
  • realize the targeted takt time of the process 
  • reduce manual labor 
  • improve production quality by increasing reliability  

Mujin News Release (Japanese):

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