MujinRobot – automate the “watch, think, pick and place” process

Mujin has released new intelligent robot solution packages, “MujinRobot.” It automates the “watch, think, pick and place” process in logistics.


While conventionally industrial robots generally repeat the taught movements, Mujin has realized intelligent robots that think and move autonomously with our unique robot intelligence technology. With our intelligent robots we made it possible to automate the complicated “watch, think, pick and place” process which had never been done before.

The structure of MujinRobot

Our intelligent robot consists of its brain, “MujinController,” its eye, ‘Mujin3D Vision,” and its hand, “MujinHand.” By upgrading all the components, we realized performance improvements and function expansions for our logistics automation solutions. We now call them the series of “MujinRobot.”

As MujinController controls the entire body of the robot and makes it intelligent, it can integrate the information obtained from each component and make decisions. This is why the robot can move flexibly for complicated processes.

Evolution from conventional products

Due to the evolution of each component that makes up MujinRobot, such following improvements has been made compared to the conventional product (2020 model).

1. Speeded up robot processing

The processing speed has become faster due to the upgraded MujinController and Mujin3DVision.

2. Increased the types of workpieces that can be handled

By improving the recognition accuracy of Mujin3DVision and increasing the types of Mujin hands, it is now possible to handle workpieces that were previously difficult to handle.
・Cases that are lined up without gaps and difficult to recognize
・Heavy fragile cases with perforations on the top

3. Enhanced resistance to ambient light

If the workpieces are exposed to ambient light changing between day and night, they may not be recognized correctly. By enhancing the optical power of Mujin3DVision, MujinRobot has realized more stable robot operations.

4. Saved space and reduced equipment cost

With the improved logic of MujinController, it made it possible to operate robots in a smaller space. In addition, the weight reduction of Mujin3DVision eliminated the need for the tough frame, and realized a reduction in equipment costs.

With this new “MujinRobot,” Mujin will continuously work on the realization of “human-friendly logistics.”

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