Looking Back on 2020 – Mujin rocks robotics!

At Mujin we did our best to meet the challenges of 2020. We’d like to celebrate our incredible successes and Mujinians who went above and beyond for our company. Thank you for being with us and supporting us this year.

We had lots of remarkable events in 2020, including:

Brand new official blog “MUJINspire” is published

Mujin Vision and Core Values is now live

Mujin headquarters relocation completed, providing more space for innovation
Robot Solution Demonstration Area with Private tours for our beloved customers and students
Robot Innovation Center equipped with cutting-edge hardware
Refreshment Space with lounge, play area, and gym

We won two awards:
2nd The Prime Minister’s Award of Japan Open Innovation Grand Prize
27th Japan MH Grand Prize Special Award

Mujin is on more real production lines
AS ONE Corp.
KOHNAN SHOJI Corp., etc.

Opened the Nagoya Sales Office

Great success in China Exhibitions

Media exposure
Mujin’s CEO, Issei Takino, has been selected as one of the “100 people transforming business in Asia” (Business Insider)
Moving Forward: Japan Innovating the Future by the Government of Japan
Forbes / Bloomberg / Financial Times, etc.

Despite the current world circumstances, the Mujin family became bigger as we continue to hire global top talent 

We’ve been through many developments and we’ve also achieved a huge amount. The success of Mujin is due to no small part to our great people’s hard work and dedication. Because of their professionalism, organizational skills, and years of experience, we are so far one of the best robotics company.

We wish you wonderful holidays. See you again in 2021! 

Mujin Office Close for the Winter Holiday Announcement

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