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The important thing is “wanting to make a company better” from the bottom of your heart | MUJINspire

The important thing is “wanting to make a company better” from the bottom of your heart

This is the first article of the Mujin employee interview series, “Mujinian voice”! I would like to introduce Kotomi from HR team today.

Surprisingly, she entered Mujin this March and is only in her third month here. However, with her sweet smile and kindness to each and every employee, she is already an indispensable member of Mujin, at a sisterly position helping everyone.

We asked Kotomi “What she does as a member of the HR team”, “ Why she entered Mujin”, “What she feels working at Mujin”, and many more!
ーーWhat kind of job do you do as a member of the HR team?
Mujin is a rapidly growing venture, and because of this it is necessary to improve the company’s systems reflecting the changes which occur inside the company.
I design and operate the company’s systems for our employees to work according to their strengths and in a comfortable environment.
Furthermore, half of Mujin’s employees are of foreign nationality. Life support, such as arranging visas and checking up on their personal lives, is also part of my job.
ーー”Life support” is a unique job.
There are employees at Mujin who used to live abroad. Even though they couldn’t understand Japanese, there were many people who were attracted to the company, and even moved to Japan to enter Mujin.
To these people, simple necessities to live, such as “obtaining a cell phone”, “going to a hospital”, “putting their children into preschool”, etc, is difficult due to the lack of knowledge and the language barrier.
The reason why we have “life support” as a position is for our employees, who gathered from all over the world because they empathized with what Mujin is aiming for. We strongly feel that we want to build an environment where employees can lightly talk about their daily lives, and to help them feel less stress as possible outside of work.
One of Mujin’s great points is that it is a company that truly values its employees.
ーーWhy did you decide to switch jobs to Mujin?
I experienced many fields in my career, such as human resources, recruitment, public relations, special permissions and general affairs. I am the kind of person who wants to change something by myself if there’s a problem in the company’s system, so I often worked as management.
When I received an offer from Mujin’s recruiter, I wasn’t passionately searching for a new job. However, I thought Mujin was interesting and wanted to hear about what it was doing.
Because I used to work in the logistics field, I felt that it was a pretty conservative industry. I was attracted to Mujin because I knew that in order for a venture to enter this field it had to have exceptional technology, and also because it contributed to society.
Working as a part of management, I felt that no matter what your job is, the most important thing is “wanting to make a company better” from the bottom of your heart. Therefore, I wanted to help in my own ways.
ーーHow is MUJIN?
I had the image that there were lots of cool engineers, and it might be hard to talk to them. On the contrary, they are very friendly, and normal in a good way!
There are employees of various nationalities and ages with different ideas of common sense, and there is the culture to embrace these differences. In Japan there is the tendency for people to be the same as the people surrounding them, but I was able to re-acknowledge the fact that each person has their own strengths, and that is a good thing.
Because I used to live in America when I was little, I am also thankful for Mujin’s environment, where I can use English on a daily basis. To be honest, in some of my prior jobs I felt that my English abilities were being used by the company when necessary, such as when translation was needed, but here I feel that I’m using it on my own.
As a company, there are still areas that need work and of course there are struggles, but I feel that discussions and meetings are always on a positive note here at Mujin. Everyone wants to make the company better, and since we are able to do this we can work in a positive manner.
I want to continue supporting this company in order for the employees to be able to work freely and to keep providing value to society as MUJIN!

Thank you Kotomi!
Employee interviews will continue. Please look forward to our next article!

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