Mujin’s Office will be featured in the 7th episode of the Nippon TV Saturday drama “Dr. Chocolate” (6/3)

Excited to announce that Mujin Headquarters will be featured in the upcoming seventh episode of NTV’s popular Saturday drama, “Dr. Chocolate.” The episode, scheduled to air on June 3, will showcase a scene filmed at Mujin’s office, adding an exciting element to the show’s captivating storyline. This collaboration offers viewers a glimpse into our innovative workspace.

“Dr. Chocolate” has captivated audiences with its engaging plot and dynamic characters, and we are honored to be a part of this well-received drama. The seventh episode will take place at the latest distribution center of a prominent shopping site named “DOUZO”, where state-of-the-art robots are installed, managed by Seiji Minagawa, played by the talented Jin Katagiri.

During the filming at the distribution center, Mujin’s Headquarters was used, providing a realistic backdrop for the unfolding drama. The viewers will have the opportunity to witness the unique atmosphere and cutting-edge technology that drives our company. Our Tokyo headquarters represents our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence.

We invite all Mujin and “Dr. Chocolate” fans to tune in to the Nihon TV channel on Saturday, June 3 from 22:00, to watch Episode 7. 

You can also catch the episode on TVer and Hulu.

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