Mujin robot center tour for students

Students from Tokyo University, the prestigious university in Japan, visited the Mujin office this September. Mujin CEO, Mujin CTO, and other employees shared their thoughts and vision to the students who are currently choosing their future.

This article, especially messages from Mujin members, might be interesting for students considering their future career.

Everyone poses like a robot

CEO Issei Takino

First of all, Issei gave a brief speech about Mujin’s business and history, explained why he launched the “robot intelligence” business in Japan and how it contributes to solving the social problems such as labor shortage.

For his presentation, Issei showed some videos with Mujin solutions that are already in a production line.

Random SKU packing solution for Mujin’s customer

Intelligent Robots?! What does Mujin Actually Do?

Issei said: “I think the most important thing is people you work with. Every single Mujin employee is very talented, and I learn from them every day. Together we never give up, we do our best together.

There are two groups of people in the world: those who live by someone’s rules, and those who create rules. If you want to be a rule-maker, you have to jump into a chaotic environment with lots of problems. People who create their own rules and focus on contribution to the world, they are much stronger, they are winners.”

Office and Robot Tour

Students watched live demonstrations of our industrial solutions powered by the Mujin controller, and overall, they were impressed! It’s not an everyday thing, to see actual robots moving. Here you can find some comments from students: “I didn’t realize the robots are so big!” “It’s amazing to see robots in action.” “I’m so glad I could see high-speedy, but at the same time smooth movements of the Mujin robots.”

Life demonstrations

Speech by CTO Rosen

Rosen rarely gives a speech in public, but this time, he took the opportunity to share his vision with students and inspire them by his philosophy.

The main message was about…love

CTO Rosen
Rosen said: “People have changed the world because there is love. Love and passion have made the world a better place, and those who passioned with science like mathematics have been made the world a better place. And continue to do it.

Love for travel gave birth to bullet trains and airplanes.

Because of the passion for space, new technologies were born and the International Space Station was constructed.

Mujin has love and passion for robots. Robots can move autonomously, and we could provide automation complex solutions in areas where it was not previously possible.

In order to do so, the robot’s “intelligence” is necessary. This is not so-called ‘artificial intelligence (AI)’; we are not aiming for human beings with less than 100% accuracy, but perfect “machine intelligence” can be achieved only by machines with almost no mistakes.

If we call it “technology”, it should be 100% reliable

All Mujinians have a ‘passion for machine intelligence,’ ‘love for technology which change the world,’ and of course ‘love for Mujin.'”

Roundtable with Mujin employees

Students were very enthusiastic to ask questions and had a lot of fun, so we organized a roundtable for them. Mujin employees were happy to share their thoughts with the young generation.

Roundtable discussion

Kazuto (Computer Vision Engineer) said: “You will be much happier to work for a company which was founded by enthusiastic people, with whom you share the same passion.

If you are going to start a business, you need to love what you are doing and find people who value the same principles.”


Isamu (Project Manager) said: “There are many factors to consider when choosing a company, such as annual income or company’s position. Two simple things are important to think about when you choose your place to work: what do you want to accomplish in the next 30, 40, or 50 years and with whom you want to accomplish it? I would like you to find a company that matches your ambitions by focusing on these two questions.”


Shinji (Logistics Consultant) said: “I have some advice for your professional life: choose a growing industry, where new challenges are constantly being created and where you can grow, even if it’s hard; have talented people working there, you will be inspired every day; find your ‘why’, sometimes it’s hard but you will know it’s meaningful.

Our CTO, Rosen, always says that our work is for the sake of humanity’s evolution, and he’s very serious about it.”

At Mujin office

Currently, we could organize students’ tours only for universities in Japan, but in the future, we will do it globally again.

Tsinghua University Student Office Tour

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