Talk to Talent Acquisition Team!

For today’s “Mujinian Voice” series, we would like to talk with our recruiters from Talent Acquisition Team.

Mujin consists of top engineers and business experts from more than 25 countries. It’s not too much to say our strength comes from the people. Let’s find out the recruiters’ passions, who are standing at the forefront to gather the top talents.

From the left: Natsumi, Tomo, and Yuto

ーー Thank you for your time today! Firstly, could you tell us your team’s missions?

The main mission of our Talent Acquisition team is, of course, to acquire the best talents to accelerate Mujin’s business.
As the company is rapidly growing and lots of big projects are going on, we have to continuously recruit top talents from the world. Such people are in high demand, so we are working hard and creatively to make them get to know us.

We have been trying many strategies; collaboration with universities in/outside of Japan, events where people can actually see our robots, and systems encouraging employees to refer their friends, etc.
As we are trying new, we sometimes cannot get the expected results, but we can always learn a lot. Moreover, it is exciting to meet people whom we would never encounter without the strategy!

Hiring is the opportunity to get to know each other for both the company and the applicants. We would like applicants to know us correctly, and judge whether they feel truly like to work with us. So, we have this blog to show how is it like to work here or provide chances to let the applicants talk to other Mujin members.

As our business requires difficult technologies, the number of those who can handle them is limited. In addition, our niche market, complicated business model, global policies to align with each country’s regulations, and our diverse environment make our job even more challenging.
It is difficult to find someone who matches our skill requirements, but it’s not enough. Whether they match our culture is also very important, so we will find out whether our company values resonate with them.

It would be great if everyone chooses Mujin, but even if it is not the case, I would happy if I can provide the opportunities to become interested in robots or automation.
There are few robotics companies that have succeeded in business in the world. It is such a difficult field, so I hope I could contribute to liven up the whole industry itself.

ーー What do you think of your team and teammates?

Our team is serious, friendly, and open at the same time. Every member has different background and strength, so we can help each other to achieve our goal together.

Natsumi is full of hospitality, and take actions with the highest speed. Usually, she is the first person to finish team tasks.

She was so helpful by sharing the necessary rules and information when I joined. She is very supportive.
She is relatively quiet in the morning.

Am I? I regard myself as a morning person. I sometimes run in the morning. haha

Yuto is always smiling. Even when he is serious or pointed out…
And he has deep knowledge of technologies! He is voluntarily improving our team’s efficiency with system automation and new applications. I always rely on him when I have trouble with my computer.

I do make a sad face when I am pointed out! haha

True, he is smiling all the time and making our team cheerful and positive. He has a very strong passion for new technologies, so I am also working hard on updating my knowledge not to be behind him.

Tomo always surprises us. I happened to know that he had worked for the publisher in New York before. Or one day I found that he does a handstand in the corridor to boost concentration.
And he learns so fast that he had already approached candidates the next day he joined the company!

He can also break-dance! I didn’t know he is doing a handstand in the corridor. haha
He has many years of recruiting experience, so I am learning a lot from him.

ーー Why did you choose Mujin?

I have been thinking that the power of manufacturing is very strong in Japan. When I lived abroad, I realized that I would like to promote these Japanese strengths to make the world better. I have wanted to work for a company where I can realize this.

Mujin’s technology realizes automation which has never been done before, and that’s what I truly feel like promoting to the world! I would like to accelerate the company’s growth by recruiting talents as a recruiter so that I can contribute to enriching our life.

Also, Mujin employee interview videos encouraged me to apply. It was very impressive to see them making their eyes shine and saying “we will change the world.” It’s cool to be able to talk about their dreams seriously no matter how old they get.

I am also the same, but many people choose Mujin because we can contribute to the world with our technology and solutions.

When I was in the human resources industry before, I was helping to secure personnel for warehouse work, and I had the experience of actually going to the site and working. After a day of standing work in an environment without air conditioning, my whole body hurt.
In such an environment, it was difficult to gather people, and few people continued for a long time. Even so, if someone did not do it, we would not be able to maintain the current convenient society, so recruitment would not stop.

Having such a real experience, I was surprised when I learned that there was a company in Japan that was trying to free the harsh simple tasks from people. I still remember being shocked when I visited the Mujin booth at a robot exhibition called IREX and saw the robot moving, “It IS the future!”

I decided to join Mujin because I wanted to help establish a technology that would solve the social problem of the labor shortage.

I’ve been a recruiter at foreign software companies for over 10 years, but I was excited to know Mujin if there was such a company.

I don’t think there is any other company than Mujin, which is expanding to the world from Japan, has the technology to contribute to society, and a wonderful vision!

Most companies have a recruiting department, but I wanted to do it at a company where I truly felt interesting.

ーーHow do you feel after you join?

I am always keenly feeling that the business is useful for society!

Also, the great thing is I can confidently tell that Mujin is the leading company in the field. Those who have recruiting or sales experience would understand how great it is!

It’s been 3 months since I joined, but the time just flew. The management and leaders make swift decisions and everyone takes action quickly in the changing social conditions.
More and more new members are joining, and I should also grow fast and train my problem-solving skill.

Right after I joined the company, I was surprised by the level of each member. Everyone has different significant strength it is just like “Avengers”.
My image of a venture company was that only people of the same type as the founder were gathered, but Mujin has a wide variety of talents. And, all of them are struggling every day toward one common mission. Sometimes the discussion gets heated and sounds like a quarrel. haha But I feel that it is a wonderful environment to have something that can become so passionate, even after becoming adults. It is because everyone is very passionate that we can bounce ideas off each other regardless of age or job title, so the company can grow steadily in this way.

ーー What kind of people do you think fit to Mujin?

Mujin values are a required mindset in the company, so whether you can sympathize with them is very important.

Also, at Mujin, you are expected to make things better than before not just satisfied with the current situation. So, the ability to think for yourself without being bound by existing common sense and a strong desire to grow are also important, I think. Of course, the ability to take action is also necessary not just a strong desire.

Companies creating new businesses and products that have never existed in the world are always challenging. Such a person who can imagine Mujin’s future, and can be excited and passionate about it would fit the company.

A sense of ownership and a wide view of the whole are important.
Mujin is a global company, IT company, manufacturing company, and logistics company at the same time.
So, there are many people with various backgrounds, but those who can recognize problems from the company’s point of view, and take actions proactively are commonly playing important roles.
While we have innovative technologies, the organization has been expanded just within a recent few years, so there are still many things to improve.
In such a company, you are expected to solve company problems. I’d like those who take the initiative in tackling the issues to join us!

ーー Any messages for those who are interested in working at Mujin?

Even if you don’t have much knowledge in robotics, software, or manufacturing, please apply to us if you are interested.
If you have other strengths and strong passion, you can cover and learn what you don’t have later. So if you would like to try, please apply to us!

Since we already have more than 130 people, the scale has become big as a startup. There are many excellent talents with various experiences and characteristics.
There are many responsibilities and many challenges. But as we can believe the company’s future, we can keep moving forward.

Mujin is a unique company where technologies and cultures around the world come accross.

Japan is strong in robotics, while its level of IT industries is very low.
Mujin is a company with top engineers from the globe and the top-level IT skills born in such a country. Wouldn’t it be exciting if Mujin could make up for IT, which is a weakness of the Japanese robot industry?
On the other hand, the fact that people from all over the world gather makes Mujin a place where differences in culture and ideas intersect. As the company grows larger, there may be problems that companies in Japan have never experienced.
How many companies in the world as chaotic as us? I would like people to join who enjoy the waves of innovations and want to make a bigger wave with us in this chaotic environment!

ーー Thank you for the fun conversation!

Mujin is actively hiring! Please check the details through the career site. Talent Acquisiton team is looking forward to talking with you!

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